About Us

About Us


Hi! My name is Delilah and I create motivational quotes apparel. I am one half of Hype Fitclub.

I created this online store as a way to show how invested I am in my people. It all started started when I went on my journey to weight loss on the 1st of April 2019. What a journey it has been so far. 

In October 2019, myself and my cousin decided we wanted to start a Dance Fitclub to help our Pacific Islander community. What was just an idea in the beginning, merely 2 months before our launch, something to talk about over coffee, soon became a reality. I had the business knowledge and my cousin had the Dance Fitclub routines in order. 

It took some convincing to get my cousin onboard and even up to the launch it took some convincing to get her mind at ease, but once it was time to launch she was up and about, ready to go. 

The apparel came about as a way to create merchandise for our Dance Fitclub, but has gone on to include some awesome quotes that help some of our clients.

Since our launch we have been going full force with the Dance Fitclub and we cannot wait to expand. We enjoy being with our clients and hearing how much they have enjoyed our class and some of the merchandise.

That's all and hope you enjoy your purchase :)




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